Potting Table–NEST

A robin family decided to make our potting table their home

home 008

little eggs came in the

home 059

and then these little guys

home 003home 004home 005home 006

I mean, come on…

look at this little guy!


home 007

he’s like a bald little old man with
a few tufts of hair here and there

We watched them everyday until they grew up and flew the

coop potting table nest

Boy, I wonder what it would be like if we had babies that grew up & left home in 2 weeks!
{I’d probably have 18 billion offspring – so maybe not}

Mama and Papa Robin worked really hard in those two weeks bringing worms, yacking into their babies mouths, cleaning up the nest, etc.

{I think just like us when we have babies - they didn’t get much rest!}


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  1. Those birds knew your style. I didn't realize the nest wasn't one of your awesome decor items!

  2. Awww, cute! Great photographs as well. -Nancy


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