Rainbow Book Crate

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I’ve been busy purging and organizing here at the cottage and a recent change has helped me realize that

sometimes it’s the simple things that can make a girl happy

I’ve collected together all of my

home, garden and décor books

into one location

I’ve weeded out and sold many that are no longer my style, that I don’t use any more or that just don’t make my heart flutter when I leaf through them

and with the


home 010

I’ve displayed them in

rainbow order 

{I don’t think librarians would approve of my system!}

in a


wooden crate

home 011

Loving it every time I walk by

{makes me smile}


Chat soon -

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  1. Nice solution! I love the wooden crate! :-)

  2. Not a librarian, but I do have a masters degree in library science ~ and I love it. hehehe

  3. i love the idea of using a crate to store books!! we have so many at home, and this would be great organization for us! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That makes me super super happy. I love the rainbow order!


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