I know I’m a little bit different than most…I am attracted to dingy, rough-around-the-edges, peeling, flaky pieces of lumber

is that so weird??

Case in point


home 015

To me – this flaky piece of wood was screaming for something
French country

so it got a bit of flourished script

‘les fleurs’

ahhh flowers sound even prettier in French don’t they?

this shot (below) was in process before it was roughed up again and stained over so the new addition was made to look old

I have to apologize that don’t have an actual full ‘after’ shot as it went to the shop and sold right away before I could get my camera in action

there seems to be a pattern but really it’s a good thing!

I promise to try to do a better job with snagging shots of the {after!}

home 014

Another sign:

wow this one was pretty ugly

1980 rose (or should I say m.a.u.v.e.)
yeah, I’ve heard the 80’s style is back but
I don’t think this cuts it

home 073

Here we have ‘in process’

home 076

and Now…

home 080

another little sign made

{which was inspired by here}

home 051

and lastly

with beginnings

from a panel of an old chippy door

home 063


of course – it begged to painted with the word


home 016home 017


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE of course you know me and my love for a good sign. I'm LOVING that door. Wish I had that behind my bed. SA WEET !!!!


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