Summer Crafting

I’ve had the opportunity to scratch my creative itch with some summer crafting

I took some vintage jars/glasses

filled them part way up with dried split peas

home 038

made some chalkboard tags secured with jute

home 039

popped in some candles and called it


home 040

I’m loving them all lined up in a row

here they are in my sale display…

home 018

they add just a touch of color and are still so natural and green!

home 041


I’ve also made some mini magnet boards and jewel magnets

Great in the kitchen for holding notes or recipes!

{perhaps if I can get my rear in gear -
I’ll show you a tutorial on these babies}

mmmm easy, fun and functional

home 046

Chat soon -

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  1. fun idea. I love candles in the summertime. (or anytime.)

  2. Great idea, thanks for visiting our blog. Have you been to our cottage? I think you are in the same area we are.

    Have a great day!


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