Goings On

Today I got a LOT done

Worked my regular job and then got to play a bit with some

organizing, cooking




Made some of these:

for teacher gifts on the first day of school

{I think all teachers deserve a little sustenance on the
1st day of school!}

wrapped ‘em up in some cellophane and
printed out a cute message



we also made a yummy dinner of


{slow cooked in the oven ALL DAY at 200 degrees}
and then

BBQ - ed

to crispy & yet tender perfection

and made some of these yummy smashed potatoes on the side

inspired by this pin:



and on the crafty side

got to whip up some of these:


all in all a very good day!

Chat soon -

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  1. Oh...those little Rice Krispie treats look so adorable!! You are so creative with everything you made! And busy! Keep up the good work!


  2. Those Rice Krispie treats are too cute! I might have to make them sometime soon!

  3. You sure got a lot accomplished!
    I think my grandkids would love the rice krispie treat. If I did orange instead of red, it could be a pumpkin!

  4. I love the rice krispie treats. What a great idea. I am going to try these too!


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