Little Candy Coated Pumpkin


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all I can say is…


These were






I was inspired by this image 

(click on image for source)


I went to town making some of our own…

Here’s how:

1) vanilla flavored orange candy melts (from Michael’s)


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2) marshmallows


home 123

3) lollipop sticks

home 122

4) finely crushed graham cracker crumbs

(whirled them up in my bullet!)

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(& some mini chocolate chips which
may or may not have been used & quickly consumed!  sorry no pics of the mini choc chips = no evidence that they existed!)


get the marshmallows all ready

& set aside the graham crumbs in a little bowl

then melt the candy

cover the marshmallows

(using a metal icing spatula to remove the excess)

and then dip in the crumbs (or mini choc chips - mmmm!)

home 126

and then place on waxed paper lined cookie tray

You can pop the whole tray in the fridge to help the candy to set more quickly

when all done - let the kids have a treat of one (or two!)

and wrap in little bags

I used green little twist ties curled around a chopstick to make

home 002

the little pumpkins tendrils (my favorite part!)

home 001

home 003

home 005

home 006

enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

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  1. These are SO cute and they look delicious, too!! How creative!! Everyone will love them!


  2. They look fantastic! Just wanna eat em up! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Those are so darn cute and very clever.

  4. Those look fun! I want to go and make some right now! Visiting from Running with Glitter link party!

  5. These are so cute. I am making them for my grandkids minus the chocolate morsels due to allergies. It is hard to find dessert items that they can eat...thanks


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