Midwestern Jambalaya

I was having a


serious…craving…for some spicy jambalaya

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ok so I know there are so many wonderful wonderful southern cooks out there who have spent years perfecting their jambalaya


I am from.the.midwest

(enough said right there right?)


I had never made jambalaya before


I didn’t use a real roux

but instead made up my own version

and it



pretty darn good!

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Here is my exact recipe


Midwestern Jambalaya

I sautéed up a handful of onions and a couple stalks of diced up celery in a squirt of olive oil

and then added two cut up smoked sausage links

browned this all up for a bit over medium heat
in my trusty dutch oven

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and then added some beef broth
(a few glugs from the container)

(remember this is an exact replica of how I made it!)

and a can of diced tomatoes in sauce

and then popped in a bunch of different spices:




seasoning salt

a splash of Worcestershire
(boy that’s a long word to type!)

and a couple splashes of frank’s original
red hot sauce
(I’m thinkin this is THE ingredient to really make it a
southern dish – am I right?)

Throw in some shrimp in the last couple minutes of cooking
if ya like

and cook it on up for the exact time of…


(remember I was having a
so I didn’t wait too long!)

look at that bubbly goodness - mmmmm

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I love some cilantro on top – and server over rice

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Chat soon -

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  1. This was one of my favorite dishes in New Orleans but I never thought to try to make it! Definitely going to try your method...which is a lot like mine...no measuring!



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