Less Decorated

Less Junk > More Calm

I’ve been finding myself more and more drawn to a

calm and cleared

Not sterile or overly modern

Still warm and inviting but

much more crisp

I love a vibe that translates to a funky mix of vintage, modern, 
farm and prairie-style.

Some inspiration that I just love can be found here

via Pleated Poppy

with images like this:

and this:

c’mon – look at this kitchen:

and the little touches here:

Do you love as much as I do?


The problem I have here at the northern cottage is that we


have a white background

no white cabinets

no white trim

no white flooring

and we WON’T have that white backdrop

in this house – anyway!

So that means that I’m trying to interject bursts of

white and/or cream

where I can

to lighten the mood

I still adore my bits of junk

(old wooden crates, locker baskets, etc.)

I’m evolving from rust to a more modern vibe.

This makes me want to …

go shopping!

uh oh!

Chat soon -

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  1. OMGoodness...I am exactly where you are at! We are currently renting (possibly may purchase) a 100+ year old home and I, too, want white! I have moved toward "intentional decorating", only having things around us that mean something. But I love simple...love clean...love the rustic, modern farmhouse look.
    We'll both get there someday!
    Love your blog!
    Jen xo

  2. I LOVE the look of white on white on white. One day I hope to decorate like that. Of course, that will have to wait until after these three little boys are no longer running wild through my house.

  3. oh that kitchen! i love the open floor plan...hmmm is it ok to open up a farmhouse that is all closed up with rooms?! i can dream right?

  4. thanks so much for the feature - very flattering!

  5. Hi! I just hopped over here from pinterest... Just looking for free, fun ideas to give Hubby for our 7th wedding anniversary next weekend, given that we have no money to actually spend on it - HA! :) Anyway, I LOVE your description of your style. I'm slightly less "modern" but all the rest TOTALLY applies! Love that white. :) Keep on!

  6. This idea is from another blog. Why did you not credit the original source?


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