Little Entry Table


home 001


This little table started off as a poor little brown shabby
(not in a good way!)
table with mushroom knobs. 
(yes I said knobs with mushrooms on them!) 

oh it was not a pretty sight!

I’m sorry that I don’t have a actual before shot (as I got the table prior to blogging when I didn’t take pictures of EVERYTHING!) but it started off something like this (only not this nice):

Yikes – right?

I took off the flimsy falling apart ugly hutch off the top and painted the bottom black.

home 002

This table has been all over the house!

Here it is bare:


It’s been used as a sofa table behind sectional in the living room

in our entry

as a desk in the kids rooms

I used it as the base for the copy me challenge with Miss Mustard Seed & Funky Junk Interiors(way back when) – fun!



It feels pretty welcoming for the time being
tucked right in by my front door.

home 003


But… I’m thinking of moving it up to my craft/sewing area…

hmmmm – I’ll have to rearrange and show you the results here soon!


Chat soon -

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  1. Black makes everything look better!! It's the new white - lol.


  2. I like it! I do this with a certain piece of's almost like you can't help yourself you just have to move it. Hahaha...oh the fun of rearranging our nests!


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