You know those quizzes that tell you what decorating style you lean towards?

Mine usually came back with QUOTE a mixture

* farmhouse

* cottage

* industrial

* traditional

* country

yep – that is a mix, eh?

But I think I’ve touched on the name for the style I really lean to (currently at least)


I absolutely adore this book

by Fifi O’Neal


While leisurely flipping devouring through the pages

I saw my stuff that I’ve had forever here at Northern Cottage

again & again in the layouts


graphic signs

warm wood

white beadboard

metal accessories

vintage dishes


does it get any better!?

home 159

I love that basket on the floor in this shot

home 147

and here I have one similar that I leave empty on my sofa table

home 148

I would love love love to get my hands on a metal table
like in this shot:

home 149

In the meantime, I’ll have to settle on my vintage kitchen scales

home 150

This beautiful scalloped topped cabinet is featured in the book:

home 151

and mine holds treasures in our living space

home 152


throughout the book there are moments & soft accessories that I




like this quilt:

home 157

Here’s MY favorite quilt

{the absolute best to wrap up in to read a good book!}

home 158

do you see this delicious table draped in linen below and then covered in a flannel backed moving cloth

home 160

I have the moving cloth ready for use

(I love that mine has some nice typography too)

home 161

and someday

my garden will something like this:

home 162

I’ve shared with you that I’ve also been moving toward a little more


when it comes to colors etc. 

I love the serene palette that comes with the prairie

so natural

and easy

and comfortable

and real

it fits

{like a great pair of jeans... …

with maybe a flirty apron on top!}

It will be fun to show you how this plays out here at this cottage in the coming days!

Chat soon -

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  1. Love it! And I like the jeans and flirty apron description... just my kind of style :)


  2. I spend way too much time looking at this book!! There isn't any home in it that I wouldn't love to say is mine! And it's nice that they feature real, down to earth people and homes. Wonderful book!


  3. Yeah, I wish my "yard" looked anywhere near like that. I have a yard with absolutely no landscaping now at the little blue house. I think my style might be something like farmhouse bungalow or something.

  4. I hold the same affection for the book as you. I can't tell you how many times I've sat down to flip through the pages. I always find something new that I like even though I've looked at the pictures a million times.


I {ADORE} your comments and read! ♥