Winter Break is upon us…

this means no school

(still some ‘real’ work for me & hubster)

but still a home-y cozy relaxed atmosphere with

no school bus

no backpacks

no lunches to pack

no homework

and ALL fun!!

We’ve assembled a list of things we’d like to do

during our break

(no guarantees that we’ll do ALL of them! 
It’s a no pressure thing – just a reminder to slip fun into our days off!)

Mixed in with lots of reading, lots of baking
(& eating too)

and lots of just plain hanging out together!

Here’s our list:

winter list

p.s. I especially love that one on the bottom right 
(nap = wishful thinking!) wink wink! ;)

** Notice there’s no sledding or snowmen or skiing… cuz there’s currently little to no snow here (or in the forecast!)  Huh what? 
Midwest December with no snow? = odd – very odd!


Chat soon -

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog. I'm so glad you introduced yourself so I could find your blog. It's beautiful! I'm your newest follower. :)

    Enjoy that winter break - it sounds fun. (And we're stuck in the same no-snow rut.) I'd so much rather have snow for Christmas - instead, we'll probably get it all in March. boo.


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