SALE – sooo much FUN!

So I shared with you that I was recently prepping for my first little

S  A  L  E !

home 020

It was held at our local garden center for a








The day started out with finishing up pricing, a run to the bank to load up on dollar bills/change and

then setting up at the space

My van was FULL to the brim

home 010home 011

and when unloaded & staged

it looked like this:


home 012home 013

home 014

home 015


home 016

home 017


home 017


home 018

home 019

home 021

It was so busy!  And we got to meet lots of wonderful people!

We sold A LOT & even without that I’d consider it a Success!

{Now if only I could make this my full time job}

Chat soon -

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I’m excited to announce the Ramsign Giveaway Winner!

{chosen via random selection}

and the winner is…



Thank you all for entering – I wish you all could WIN!


Chat soon -

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p.s. my sale was WONDERFUL – I’ll be downloading pics and telling you more about it soon, soon!

Summer Pinterest

How about if we plan a vintage summer party?

Some inspiring images I repinned (& just adore)
on Pinterest recently:

{click on image for source}

the summer list is GREAT and I just adore the little colorful chairs!
I love these pinwheels displayed in a bucket & watering can –
too vintage-y cute!
swooning for this swing!

Love ya pinterest & all you beautiful pinners!

Chat soon -

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Prepping for SALE

so have you noticed that I’ve gone


I’ve been working away on


home 015

and this

home 016


home 017


home 018


home 019


home 057

mass producing cute price tags!

home 048

and more in preparation for my first


I’m excited & nervous all wrapped up in one!

{For now, I’m keeping my blog & SALE separate

(I may converge them later on down the road) but

am staying a bit more anonymous for now!}

The sale is going to be held at a local garden center event that I’m participating in.


Wish me luck as I head on down this new road & this new adventure!

Heading back now to my garage sweat factory

design studio

Smiling while I work!

Hopefully I’ll be back with an empty garage and be able to blog some more once the dust settles!


Chat soon -
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Chalkboard Labeled Canisters

I needed a little extra storage in the kitchen to hold some baking supplies

like…cookie cutters, cupcake liners, etc

and I had this..

old canister crate holder thingy

home 026



what can I do with that??

first off

out it goes to my ‘studio’ driveway to receive a coat of
fresh white paint.

{The lamp also got a new chance at life with a shot of white}

home 028

so we’re making progress…here’s the crate (& lids)
now clean and brightened up

home 022home 023

but I think it still needed a little somethin, somethin

home 024

so out came the

clear contact paper that I spray painted with chalkboard paint!

see my ‘studio’ again with my advanced technical tools holding down the edges – ROCKS!

home 001

home 004

then I took my cute little scallopy punch & cranked out a few little labels:

home 006

home 025


home 049home 050home 051home 052home 053


Quick little inexpensive project that produced some pretty extra

Farmhouse Fresh

style and storage in my kitchen.


Chat soon –

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Truncated Posts


I’ve been playing with some options on the format of my blog…

including truncating posts.

Hoping to result in faster blog loading and allowing more posts to display on the main page.

Are you guys liking it? 

Miss Smith shared her tutorial here.

I used bits of her post and because I use live writer, I thought I’d share how I’m doing it from that perspective for other users.

When drafting your post in LW {live writer} – you can click on Insert & then click on Split post
(this will add the bookmark to the page that will be where the ‘READ THE REST OF THIS POST’ link will be inputted)

To set up your overall settings in blogger – you click on DESIGN and click ‘edit’ on that main page in the post body section and add the language you want to display such as ‘READ THE REST OF THIS POST…’

(you only have to do this step once)

when you save – this is what will display on your blog when you’ve inserted that Split post content.

Let me know what you think…

Do you like the split posts so you can flip through the post or do you prefer to see ALL posts but have to click on OLDER POSTS at the bottom of the main page to navigate? 

I’m torn…I like BOTH! I’m imagining I’ll use it on some posts but not all…just where it makes sense.

If you scroll down in the blog – you can see I currently have it in use here on my ‘Summer Break’ post…

I’ll just PLAY with this a bit and see!  I welcome any feedback you guys might have!

Chat soon -

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Falling Behind

Is the new summer schedule affecting you as well??

I am not able to keep up with things..

I’m behind on:

* drafting posts
* reviewing my favorite blogs (google reader has 330 unread – just for this week - yikes!)
* making comments on my fav posts of YOURS! (I’m sorry!)

However – I AM

* making yummy treats & blanket forts with my kids,
* keeping up with my running (ugh!), and
* planting lots & lots container flowers.

oh yeah & I
(that soooo gets in the way of the stuff I WANT to do!)

So I think I might be giving into it just a little
I probably WON’T be able to keep up with everything

but you know what?



I’m taking care of the more important things and the most important moments the best I can! 

home 003

home 004

Savor the MOMENTS!!

p.s. – BUT…if you guys see that I’ve won some FABULOUS giveaway or there’s a post out there that you think I MUST see – please let me know!  wink :)

Chat soon -

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I was delighted to win a wonderful giveaway from
for this
home 018home 019home 020
Isn’t it lovely?
Guess what?
Now I get to host a giveaway for one of YOU to win one of your very own
These enamel signs are crafted to order in Denmark so you’d have a little piece of Europe coming to your doorstep this summer!

{just getting a package from Europe was fun in itself!}
Imagine it hanging on your front door, out at your mailbox, on your front porch or even in an inside display!
The winner will get to pick a house number sign (up to 5 digits) and choose among various styles and shapes.
like -
or -
or maybe
To put your name in the hat to win…
{1}Please be sure you are a FOLLOWER of the Northern Cottage blog via Google Friend Connect and then just leave a comment letting me know so on this post.
{2}For an extra entry – feel free to BLOG, tweet and/or facebook about the giveaway (come back here to comment to let me know you’ve done so).
This Giveaway will be open for 1 week  - closing Monday, 6/20/11 at noon CT.
Check out the options/possibilities here at RAMSIGN!
Chat soon -
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Summer BREAK


So I should have been doing





grocery shopping…

and and and…

but instead – after work, we just


with the kids

hiking in the nearby park

enjoying the fresh air

and the warmth of the sun

…getting our feet wet

tickling our toes in freshly mowed grass

Pin Addiction

As I’ve been perusing sucked into the vortex of


I’ve been VERY drawn to





like these:

(click on image for source)