Pretty Burpies


Here’s a cute & pretty easy gift idea for wee ones…

start off with

cloth diapers

the thicker ones with the extra padding the the middle are the ones I like to use

home 066home 067

Choose some pretty cotton fabric

(I pre-washed and pressed it)

Cut it to fit onto the bottom third of the diaper

home 072


home 073


home 074

I sewed this with a coordinating thread color on top and white in the bobbin (for the underside of the diaper)

I also added an applique of the baby’s initial


added ric rac and top-stitched around the whole thing

home 075

I like these prettified




Crazy that I’ve had to start using these!

what in the world!

home 076

home 077

home 078

Wrap up the bunch of burpies

& other little rattles, pacifiers, etc. with

tulle & coordinating ribbon…

home 034

from my ribbon stash

home 039home 091

home 092

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Éclair Cake


I love me some eclairs…

they are

- hands down -

my fav pastry dessert


Enter a

summer get together

with friends

Mind you - It’s 89 degrees outside

I don’t wanna turn on the oven to bake something

so I whipped up some of this


this was a winning recipe on this hot summer day because it was

1) easy to make


2) used no oven

BONUS - yep – it was pretty delish!

All ya need to whip this baby up is:

graham crackers
2 boxes of instant pudding (I used one box of french vanilla and one box of chocolate fudge – mmmm!)
3 cups of milk
1 carton cool whip
1 can of chocolate frosting

line the bottom of a 9x13 pan with the crackers

mix vanilla pudding with 1 1/2 cups milk, add 1/2 carton of cool whip
spread over the bottom layer of crackers, add another layer of crackers,
mix the chocolate pudding with the other 1 1/2 cups of milk and then fold in the rest of the cool whip, spread over the crackers.  Chill in the fridge for a while (half hour or so). Heat the can of frosting (remember to remove the metal lid/cover, of course) in the microwave for 1 minute and 50% power.  Pour this over the cake. 

Pop back in the fridge and chill for at least 12 hours.

home 008

home 009

home 010

home 011



Take to your dinner party, have guests devour and
bring an empty pan back home!

Enjoy this cool summer treat!

(but really it’s good any time of year!)

Chat soon -

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Windmill Love

Hello lovies -

Long time - no blog!

I’m back today with the results of a little project I’ve been able to eeeek out..

Remember I found this beauty {a little worse for wear}

home 041

home 042

home 043

but still

I fell for her


here she is on the road to recovery


home 070

home 071

nothin a little gorilla glue won’t fix up

home 072

home 073


all spiffed up

home 050

ahhhhh love!

Chat soon -

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Far far behind!

I don’t know that it can get much busier!!

I want to blog

I want to visit all of your sites

I want to comment on each beautiful post I come across

but…I can’t

{right now anyway!}

I just don’t have time - (aren’t we all in that boat!?)

Here’s the lowdown -

Work has been very busy

Prepping for a HUGE kids party at the end of the month

Prepping for a sale

Wrapping up the summer with the kiddos
{aka making some good memories}

Prepping for back to school


Just letting Google reader go for a few short days has resulted in this:


Yikes!  I am tempted to mark them as read (but I don’t want to miss anything FABULOUS!)

This is just my reader for the blogs I know I already love & follow

It doesn’t count the ones I’m still finding and loving!

or Pinterest 
(the lovely, though slightly addictive, pinterest!)

How do you guys manage keeping up with everything??

I hereby promise to post a real project soon
{really, I do!}

Hang with me!

Chat soon -

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Crates and Boxes Oh my!

I think I’ve got an addiction to boxes, bins, crates and storage

I LOVE them & I’m always attracted to them first
at markets and shoppes.

Here are some examples:


home 001

Inside of which I’ll put some of these:

home 003

you probably already saw my rainbow bookcase crate

I’m just loving how they’re


within the
wooden crate

home 013

I just snagged this shelf (below) at a little sale

and am on my way to filling it up with bins

not done yet… so you’ll see this in a bit

home 030

I love the color of these drawers
(I don’t have the dresser - only the drawers - so am still deciding how to utilize these)

home 058

this breadbox is gonna have a new life soon

home 059

and wooden boxes

oh how I love wooden boxes with typography!

home 061

I think back to school will have a positive affect
on my ability to

get projects done!

Stick with me and
hopefully I’ll be able to show ya some results of my labors soon!

Chat soon -

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Rice Krispie Caramel Bars

Oh my!


this dessert is terribly addictive and delicious!



Here’s the low down on how to make up a batch for yourself

You can decide to share (or not!)


Make Rice Krispy bars as you normally would

you know….

rice cereal



{all the healthy good for you ingredients you use EVERYDAY!}

only difference for this recipe is that you’ll split the batch in half and press each half on a sprayed cookie sheet


put more mini marshmallows on one of the cookie sheet with the
rice krispies on it

now in a pan, cook up a can of sweetened condensed milk, a couple tablespoons of butter and a bag of caramels

(if you enjoy unwrapping the caramels one by one for like 14 hours go ahead & buy a bag of wrapped caramels like normal – OR luck out and find that your grocery store sells these yummy wonderful caramel bits near the chocolate chips)

 home 024 home 025

melt that all together

and pour over the top


plop (yep that’s an official baking term) the other pan of rice krispies over the top

I put it in the fridge to firm up

a little while later…
(can you hear the elevator music playing while we wait??)

cut into squares & enjoy!


Chat soon -

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