Little Entry Table


home 001


This little table started off as a poor little brown shabby
(not in a good way!)
table with mushroom knobs. 
(yes I said knobs with mushrooms on them!) 

oh it was not a pretty sight!

I’m sorry that I don’t have a actual before shot (as I got the table prior to blogging when I didn’t take pictures of EVERYTHING!) but it started off something like this (only not this nice):

Yikes – right?

I took off the flimsy falling apart ugly hutch off the top and painted the bottom black.

home 002

This table has been all over the house!

Here it is bare:


It’s been used as a sofa table behind sectional in the living room

in our entry

as a desk in the kids rooms

I used it as the base for the copy me challenge with Miss Mustard Seed & Funky Junk Interiors(way back when) – fun!



It feels pretty welcoming for the time being
tucked right in by my front door.

home 003


But… I’m thinking of moving it up to my craft/sewing area…

hmmmm – I’ll have to rearrange and show you the results here soon!


Chat soon -

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Midwestern Jambalaya

I was having a


serious…craving…for some spicy jambalaya

home 012

ok so I know there are so many wonderful wonderful southern cooks out there who have spent years perfecting their jambalaya


I am from.the.midwest

(enough said right there right?)


I had never made jambalaya before


I didn’t use a real roux

but instead made up my own version

and it



pretty darn good!

home 013

Here is my exact recipe


Midwestern Jambalaya

I sautéed up a handful of onions and a couple stalks of diced up celery in a squirt of olive oil

and then added two cut up smoked sausage links

browned this all up for a bit over medium heat
in my trusty dutch oven

home 009

and then added some beef broth
(a few glugs from the container)

(remember this is an exact replica of how I made it!)

and a can of diced tomatoes in sauce

and then popped in a bunch of different spices:




seasoning salt

a splash of Worcestershire
(boy that’s a long word to type!)

and a couple splashes of frank’s original
red hot sauce
(I’m thinkin this is THE ingredient to really make it a
southern dish – am I right?)

Throw in some shrimp in the last couple minutes of cooking
if ya like

and cook it on up for the exact time of…


(remember I was having a
so I didn’t wait too long!)

look at that bubbly goodness - mmmmm

home 011

I love some cilantro on top – and server over rice

home 014


Chat soon -

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Diaper Baby Gift IDEA

I’m just tickled pink that my
Diaper Babies
home 052
are being featured at some really delightful blogs like:
Ginger Snap Crafts
Hope Studios
it seems that they are the #1 hit for
Gift Ideas at the Tip Junkie
tip junkie diaper feature 11.11
whoot whoot!

Chat soon -

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You know those quizzes that tell you what decorating style you lean towards?

Mine usually came back with QUOTE a mixture

* farmhouse

* cottage

* industrial

* traditional

* country

yep – that is a mix, eh?

But I think I’ve touched on the name for the style I really lean to (currently at least)


I absolutely adore this book

by Fifi O’Neal


While leisurely flipping devouring through the pages

I saw my stuff that I’ve had forever here at Northern Cottage

again & again in the layouts


graphic signs

warm wood

white beadboard

metal accessories

vintage dishes


does it get any better!?

home 159

I love that basket on the floor in this shot

home 147

and here I have one similar that I leave empty on my sofa table

home 148

I would love love love to get my hands on a metal table
like in this shot:

home 149

In the meantime, I’ll have to settle on my vintage kitchen scales

home 150

This beautiful scalloped topped cabinet is featured in the book:

home 151

and mine holds treasures in our living space

home 152


throughout the book there are moments & soft accessories that I




like this quilt:

home 157

Here’s MY favorite quilt

{the absolute best to wrap up in to read a good book!}

home 158

do you see this delicious table draped in linen below and then covered in a flannel backed moving cloth

home 160

I have the moving cloth ready for use

(I love that mine has some nice typography too)

home 161

and someday

my garden will something like this:

home 162

I’ve shared with you that I’ve also been moving toward a little more


when it comes to colors etc. 

I love the serene palette that comes with the prairie

so natural

and easy

and comfortable

and real

it fits

{like a great pair of jeans... …

with maybe a flirty apron on top!}

It will be fun to show you how this plays out here at this cottage in the coming days!

Chat soon -

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Autumn Vignette

home 137


Fall Days

are being well received


at the

northern Cottage!!

home 141

home 142

home 143

It is

Wonder- Fall!!

after all!

Chat soon -

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fingerprints on the fridge *

Baby Shower Gift

ooohhh how I


making presents for

brand new



I recently attended a baby shower so

I whipped up some of these little


from tiny diapers, socks,
washcloths and ribbon

{Oh…and some googly eyes, too!}

home 050

Here’s how:

Some baby washcloths

home 041 - Copy

some cute baby socks

home 043 - Copy

spread out one of the washcloths –
fold it in half corner to corner

home 044 - Copy

take a disposable diaper (I used pampers swaddlers size 2)

home 045 - Copy

place the sock on one end of the diaper to form the


(squish down the toe part of the sock to push down the hat)

home 048 - Copy

like this – ta da!

home 049 - Copy

see -

home 046 - Copy

now wrap up the ‘body’ with the washcloth

(like you’re swaddling a baby or making a burrito!!)

and tie in place with some coordinating ribbon

home 047 - Copy

now for the


draw little closed sleeping eyes


attach some googly eyes

home 051home 052

see the one on the right down below??

{he has crazy thick eyelashes!}

home 053

shhh…quiet this one is sleeping!

home 054

(when have googly eyes ever been so cute??)

home 055


Put these all together in a basket with other goodies


* pacifiers

* more little socks

* baby soap & lotion
(love that smell!)

* bibs

* rattles

* etc


home 056

home 057

Are you wracking your brain for pregnant people right now?

“Who can I make these for?”

Chat soon -

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