Confessions of a former Type A

I used to be a Type A

* I used to have everything

just so

before I went to bed at night

open shelving kitchen bhg



* I used to make my bed 1st thing
in the morning
{sometimes with my husband still in it!}

good nite bhg


I still have to make my bed but now at least I can get my coffee first!



* I used to have a place for everything & everything was in its place

closet bhg


pb office

pottery barn


* I used to have the lid on everything

jars bhg



and then…

 life happened

this crazy, lovely, busy,
sometimes messy, wonderful life

with a great husband, kids, a dog
& homework

chalk hook spearmintbaby


fun kitchen bhg


red stool aqua sink cl

country living

And, I must admit, life also now includes my love for blogging & the wonderful
{time sucker} called Follow Me on Pinterest



so now…

not everything is

just so

all… the… time

but we are





 I couldn’t ask for more!!


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Chat soon -

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  1. I completely agree! I have never been "neat" but I do love my crazy, busy fabulous life!

    Carpet stains and all!


  2. In case feel ever feel the former type A you- making a comeback, please feel free to pop on into my house... you'd be sooo happy w/ so much to do!! You're welcome anytime. I'll keep the pc on pinterest if you need a break.
    I'll serve coffee.
    xo jeanne

  3. This is the cutest post!! And if it isn't the truth!! The only time everything is in order is when the kids are gone! They come home, conquer and destroy!

    Love Pinterest but I am staying away...far away!!


  4. Isn't that the truth?? I like a clean house but I'm not a neat freak. Never was and probably never will be. If I were, I'd never get any of my sewing and crafting and blogging done!! LOL

  5. Oh I SO agree-I am a former "neat freak" Type A. I joined Pinterest and I am so afraid to start pinning because I am already too attached to the laptop (and am a working mom), so I have been avoiding it...but I LOVE your photos! Thanks for visiting my blog last week. XO, Steph.

  6. Time sucker is a understatement. Great pics though. I wish I was more type A. I am to a degree but I get WAY to wrapped up in being creative to be type A : )

    HUGS Darlin ~

  7. I'm a complex sort. I love everything just so, but the creative part in me creates many a mess! LOL! Great Post! :)


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