Photo-a-DAY #4– a STRANGER

Sharing my


Today’s challenge was


When I first read that from

the list

I thought it said ‘strangler’

ok… I thought - that’s odd

& then (duh!) I re-read it

stranger not ‘strangler’ – silly!

kick that extra L to the curb!

It might just be hard to get a picture of a strangler in the wild
(or at home for that matter!)
hopefully anyway


I have to share that I’ve been sick…

I coughy achy stuffy fever…ya know

so I think I may just have been leaving weird comments on people blogs…

because apparently
I think
I’m sooooo funny!

so…if YOU got one of these goofy, dorky ‘funny’ comments, please forgive me
& blame it on the NyQuil





Here’s today’s snippet:


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  1. This was actually my favorite out of the bunch.. I love the idea of snapping a stranger and capturing a unique photo altogether.. I am excited to do so hopefully tomorrow.. I LOVE your's so far.. It's been such a fun project.. : )) Wishing you an amazing week ahead.. xoxox.. ~M


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