Hello Dear Ones!!'

You might have guessed with my recent quasi-disappearance….

we went on a family trip.

with the ENTIRE family

{with grandma, grandpa, cousins, most of us brothers and sisters}

We road-tripped from the upper midwest to sunny South Carolina

and it was



in my last post, I shared a few snippets of what we came across
{mmm the beauty of nearby savannah, georgia; turtles, sitting by the pool, etc.)

The trip started off as we drove and drove and drove

home 111

going from leafless trees here at home to full bushy beautiful green surrounding us (ahhhhhh – that was worth it right there!) 

We enjoyed the fabulous seashore and perfect weather all the more because it SNOWED at home while we were gone…snowed…in April…


We biked, and walked, and ate seafood, and swam, and ate seafood, and explored,
and visited, and ate seafood, and hung out, and ate seafood!

home 051

home 057

home 064

home 070

home 082

home 074

home 102

home 085

home 231

home 094

home 081


Getting home to still leafless trees and just the beginnings of the sprouts of daffodils, and lilac buds and the very beginning of a peony emerging is bittersweet (reminding us how far behind we are from other warmer areas of the country and
yet happily anticipating what is to come for us here)

home 138

Home Sweet Home!!

  ** p.s. I have some exciting news to share with y’all tomorrow (see how the south has influenced me with that y’all – bless my little heart!) Stay tuned!

Chat soon -

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  1. Glad you had fun on your trip! Laura

  2. Oh you lucky girl. I will be taking a vacation soon to see my son and sisters! I can't wait to hear more.

  3. Looks like a FUN getaway! Snow and barely emerging peonies here too. I could use some surf and a baby turtle cuddle myself! :)

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time...great pictures, although I could have lived without the one of the alligator! ;-D We made a trip to Charleston, Savannah and Hilton Head a few years ago and I just couldn't get over how LUSH it was with greenery! It was April and very cold here in the Midwest. I didn't want to come home!


  5. Oh, the beach! It looks like the best time ever!

  6. Welcome picked a good time to be gone!! We were gone a week too soon :) Laurel


I {ADORE} your comments and read! ♥