Use and Re-use the Junk You’ve Been Collecting


One recent morning, I booted up my computer, started looking through my email and my eyes landed on this:


this old house - use junk email

Smart DIY Uses for All the Junk You’ve Been Hoarding!!

{Is that an email for ME or what?}


However, I do prefer the term ‘collecting’ over ‘hoarding’ I must say! 

It’s sounds much more normal….

um, okay, on that note shall we proceed?


I’ll admit, I do have some extras around

Keeping it real… here is some evidence of some of my
piles of junk
carefully curated vignettes!!

home 051

warning – some of these are pretty bad!

Now, granted, these photos may or may not have been taken when things were massed together (perhaps painting one side of a room so everything was pushed together into one spot or swapping stuff out for the change a seasons but still - it’s bad!!)

it’s actually making me hyperventilate a little

home 009

stuff I was getting ready for the shoppe

home 015

too much stuff is making me

my problem is that I like all this stuff

I like each birdhouse, I like each little shelf, I like the gardening supplies,
I like each individual component a lot!!

perhaps, it’s just that I like them all too much

here’s the root of my problem:

I say to myself ‘oh, I can use that later in a project’


‘what if that is THE piece that pulls a look together down the road?’

 Are any of you in the same boat?

oh boy!

home 002

so what’s a junk-loving, crafty, home décor blogger to do?


Sadly, the magazine article in the email above didn’t really help me in this scenario…it was more about tips & tricks (like using old yogurt containers and dental floss for household uses)

I’m proud to say, I don’t have too much dental floss (really who does?)and I don’t keep yogurt containers amassed for potential future use
(yay for me!)

apparently, my problem of hoarding collecting is
on a whole different scale!!

In my defense, my junk is the good junk - not new junk but good OLD junk - like step ladders, vintage kitchen goods, garden furniture etc.

{I sense a bit of backsliding in this last statement – uh oh!}

but I do need to EDIT

So here I go….off on an

edit adventure

I’ll show you some of my results here soon!!


Chat soon -

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  1. i am shocked they didn't find me to send me that article.... i am a, um, collector. :)

  2. Good luck to you!! I've been editing/organizing myself...feels sooo good :) Chat soon, Laurel

  3. Laurel,So funny!I love your vignettes.

  4. Good for you. I don't feel the need to get rid of stuff, until it's time for me to sell whatever house I'm working on....then it's really weird, I have this urge to get rid of EVERYTHING! In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm going to sell EVERYTHING and move into a smaller place with a clean slate this time. Up until about 4 months before I sell though, I'm a big time "collector". lol

  5. Too much stuff makes me a little crazy too! I need to do some major editing of my own!

  6. I am a "collector" also with the need to destash some of my stuff. However, you should of seen the look on my son and husband's face when my son needed to dress up for nerd day at school and I had the coolest stash of vintage bow ties,and glasses frames! The "ole you never know when you might use it some day" mentality can work for us at times which makes the destashing even more difficult!!

  7. You've got so many great items in those pictures!!! Oh boy, I guess I'm no help!

  8. great post--i don't think you are alone:) i'm headed to a huge flea market...not that i "need" more junk:) have a great weekend!

  9. I was forced to do a big "edit" when I moved here. Wouldn't fit in this little house!

  10. Wow. Nice, nice blog. Everything I like, too. Wonderful. I have more good junk than you can shake a stick at! And I keep going tag saling and getting more of it! Can't help it. It's fun hunting for stuff. I even find stuff at my own house and yard that I lost track of. :) Take care, Linda

  11. Oh, I thought I was the only one with that problem, thanks for this post you made my day.


I {ADORE} your comments and read! ♥