Gardening at the Cottage!

I’ve been on a bit of a gardening kick as of late.

We northerners have a small window in which to savor the green lushness of this wonderful season called


so we suck it all up!

northern cottage potting table 3

My little potting area has been getting a

simmons workout

{ewww sorry but I HAD to add this shot above!}

I thought I’d share

a few of the planters I’ve put together


I’m in love with this one above – it’s in a

vintage SEARS metal battery container

in the perfect chippy green patina!!

home 064

When I got this one done I was calling it my

potting chair

but my daughter thought I’d said

potty chair

different – yes – different!

I’m in love with succulents this year and have them tucked here and there

northern cottage succulent box

home 035home 054

home 065

On my back deck, I’ve got this little container going with cilantro and a little pepper and some moss
(just because I like it)
and some potted succulents added in


home 017 (2)home 019 (2)home 019

home 021home 024home 025 (2)home 032home 038

home 031home 032home 033

We’re also really enjoying our iris bed

 home 017home 018

We found some wild strawberries

home 031

and our raspberry patch which is shaping up to
give a good crop we hope

We were busy weeding it this day
(oops I missed a weed or 20!)

put the kids to work on THAT tomorrow!

home 029home 030

and last but not least

my hubby made me some raised beds – Yay!

thanks honey!

home 016

home 023

and it took loads and loads and loads of dirt
to fill these babies –
wwwaaaaayyyy more than I would have thought

ahhh my back!

home 025

dirt – glorious – dirt!!

raking the garden bed northern cottage


Thanks for visiting today!

I’m heading out to – guess what?


but maybe, just maybe, I’ll grab a glass of iced tea, sit for a couple minutes and enjoy the summer sun!

Chat soon -

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  1. Love your planters and gardens. I must be even farther north though, no liatris blooming here! Love your gate! I've always wanted one!

  2. So pretty! We haven't had much summer yet here - just rain! but at least there have been no forest fires either... and it's so GREEN!!!

    Enjoy your pretty garden :)

  3. All your planters and gardens look wonderful! Unique containers are so much fun. I love spending time in my garden and getting my hands dirty too. Happy summer!

  4. Oooh, loving all your blossoms and that Sears battery planter -- gorgeous! I'm starting to think you're a secret zone 10 over there! Leopard's bane, primrose, columbine & bleeding heart is all that has bloomed here so far. Must be that heat wave you've got down there! Looking forward to seeing what your garden brings! :)

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous! And I love the ones planted in the Sears battery container! Very unique! :)

  6. Wow! So beautiful! I love it all!!!


  7. great garden post! love the battery tin!

  8. Ooooooh, your garden's beautiful, and so much p-insperation here!

  9. just beautiful, loving all of your clever vintage containers! great raised beds you have too!! :)

  10. Love your projects, where do you get the colored stones or gravel? and what type of paint do you use on your pretty soft blue items like the old metal bedstead etc.? thanks Violet in Canada


I {ADORE} your comments and read! ♥