new ways to {CONNECT}!

business card option

I’ve been playing with some new buttons & graphics for the ol blog!!!

I’d just be tickled pink
if you’d consider some or all of these options for us
to connect :


subscribe via rss feed


follow me on pinterest


like me Smile and get my feeds over on facebook



my new baby:
I’m still learning about this o
ne so come on over & join me! 
{I’m feeling very lonely over there! wink wink}


and, if you didn’t see them before - here’s my new card!

northern cottage business card

eeek….which I’m in LOVE with!!


Chat soon -


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  1. LOVE your cards too!! Good luck "tweeting"...I set up an account earlier in the year...and haven't looked at it since...oops! Someday :)

  2. have to tell ya my friend that as i dabble in the world of online "connections" are an inspiration! a big step for this old soul was getting patinaWHITE on Facebook! always love hearing from you and what you do!

    happy day!


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