This is a cherished family recipe
that has been passed down several generations

but I’ll share with you because I like you so much!

WARNING -- This is one of the VERY BEST recipes & you’ll probably want to make it only this way from now on!

This recipe has History --

My grandfather was a fireman in a major mid-western city during the Depression.  He was an amazing cook & all around great guy.  I loved my grandpa!  Whenever I eat this wonderful meal I think of him!!

Not only is this dinner delicious but sooooooo very easy.

northern cottage best roast beef recipe 


Start off with a dutch oven (or french oven like this..)

Place a {approx. 3 lb.} chuck roast in the pan
(other roasts are fine too but I usually use chuck as it is generally the best deal)

Place it in a pre-heated 500 degree oven
{yes I just said 500 degrees!} 

No lid, no water  - nothing at this time – just pop it in the preheated oven (the pan & the roast that’s it)…for a 1/2 hour {30 minutes} - this will sear in all the juices & make it moist & tender in the end!

After the 30 minutes, take it out – add a cup of water, salt & pepper the roast
(and whatever other seasoning YOU like)

Add any veggies you like
{carrots, onions, potatoes if you wish}

sometimes – but not always – I add an envelope of onion soup mixed with a bit of water and/or some Worcestershire at this point

Now cover the pan with the lid & return it to the oven & lower to 250 degrees
{yes I said 250 degrees now!}

tick tock tick tock

You cook this baby ALL DAY LONG!!

northern cottage roast beef

{Grandpa cooked it this way at the firehouse so they could have it going & if they got called out for a fire – it would still be cooking away just fine when they got back}

northern cottage best roast beef

How about some some mashed potatoes on the side
{oh yeah – baby!}
perhaps some peas or roasted acorn squash & some crusty bread to mop up your last bites?

Talk about…


Please Enjoy!!!

* I first posted this recipe waaaayyy back when I first started blogging here

Chat soon -


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  1. What a perfect meal for a cold winter day! I can smell it now cooking slowly for hours. Thanks SO much, I will be copying this one! :)


  2. Oh what a Precious memory you have and I am sure it makes this meal even that more Heartwarming.. It looks and sounds Delicious!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your recipe! That does sound very simple, with a few little 'secrets' thrown in there. Going to try it real soon.

  4. You've convinced me! I'll definitely give this a try!

  5. Firefighters do seem to know their stuff when it comes to cooking. It sounds great. Thanks for sharing your family's recipe!

  6. What a great family recipe! I think I need to try this (although I need to figure out what a dutch oven is)!



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