Ice Cream for Daily Happiness!


northern cottage 024

We are truly enjoying these sweet sunny days!  And decided on a little ice cream soirée

northern cottage 025

Ice cream may or may not be NECESSARY for daily happiness

but a little bit now & then certainly doesn’t hurt!

northern cottage 027

We put all the fixings outside and let everyone scoop, dip, dunk and cover their bowls of ice cream to their hearts content

northern cottage 023

northern cottage 028

northern cottage 029

It was made all the sweeter being surrounded by vintage goodies like this chalkboard we whipped up, aqua-striped straws and my favorite aqua cottage chair. 

Pretty delicious looking, right?  Wish you could have joined us!

northern cottage 030

What are you guys doing to say farewell to sunny summer days and welcome autumn?

I adore your comments!!!


Chat soon -

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  1. So cute, great job on the chalkboard, love the aqua chair, and you can NEVER go wrong with ice cream! :)

  2. Oh, my gosh, this sign with the chair and fixin's is the cutest thing! One of my daughter's grew up thinking ice cream was essential to every single day. This would be so perfect for her! Great idea!

  3. Love this! Born in Utah we know firsthand about ice cream (pretty sure they consume more ice cream per capita than anywhere!). We made it, bought it, topped it, ate it and ate some more! Haha! Love the colors and the entire idea. Nothing better than family fun with ice cream.

  4. Came back to share your cute ice cream soiree on Friday Finds!

  5. Hi! This is such an adorable idea, I love it! I am following you on pinterest, I would love it if you would follow me back at and also add this, and any other post you would like, to my link party at . Thanks!


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