Organization: {The CRAFT AREA}

  craft organization @northern cottage

My craft area is within my family room & is organized into separate nooks.  Because it shares space with the family room, I like stuff to be put away and mostly cleared
{so as not to hyperventilate when watching a movie with the fam!}

One area houses a craft table and shelves with buckets, bins and cubbies. 

craft shelves @northern cottage

I’m in love with those twin
vintage lunchboxes
(in case you’re wondering…they’re fraternal not identical!)

The craft table is skirted with a ruffle
(recycled from a vintage crib dust ruffle)

craft display @northern cottage

the shelves contain little bits & pieces in a
vintage muffin tin

muffin tin @northern cottage

mmm -  a spot for the washi tape collection
and a little vintage metal loaf tray

vintage storage @northern cottage

around the corner from the craft table, I have vintage shelves holding more locker baskets {yay!} storing vintage trims, lace and
my growing collection of vintage sheets!

craft storage@northern cottage


There’s also a sewing nook with a display shelf where my growing collection of embroidery hoops is found
oh do I have plans for those hoops!
keep an eye out
coming soon!}

craft display @northern cottage


There is also a little ironing area
{one of my most procrastinated chores- ugh}! 
This area includes a
vintage cart

ironing cart @northern cottage

  on top of the cart, I keep a vintage soda crate to store all the required ironing supplies

ironing @northern cottage

So far, we’ve seen organization tips for:

the kitchen
the living room
the laundry room

Up next…organizing the
kids craft/homework/gift wrap area!!

Chat soon -

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  1. I love your crafty area, and the way you have things displayed in baking tins and such.

    Never would have thought to use one of my old wooden soda crates like you have, great idea!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for the hoops.

  2. OMGosh, I'm Loving your craft room!! Just my style!

  3. Your craft room is PERFECT. Between Tracy's turquoise tackle box and your vintage lunch boxes, baskets, and muffin tin, I'm in old metal heaven today! Repurposing a crib dust ruffle for a table skirt is genius. Love it all!

  4. Oooh, I'm loving all the metal you've got goin' on here! Hee hee on the twins. Love that cart for the ironing supplies and I too am wondering what you're up to with the plastic hoops... :)

  5. Very very awesome craft area! Love how you used vintage bins and such to organize everything! Love it!!


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