Organization: {The Entry}

 hello there!!

a pretty entry @northern cottage

One of my new favorite spots in our home is actually just outside of it….the entry from the garage 

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Look up and you have a row of hooks and a shelf lined with garden goodies

shelf display @northern cottage 022

Look down and there’s a bench and some vintage galvanized tubs underneath

{all ready and waiting for winter mittens!}

farm fresh tubs @northern cottage 027

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I made this new little magnet board to cover the garage door openers (can you say…vintage sheet yumminess?)

welcome hoome @northern cottage

take a little peek behind the magnet board at the
{now covered} ugly garage door openers

hidden garage door opener @northern cottage

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Around the corner, there is a little shelf holding my projects in waiting and painting supplies

garage shelves @northern cottage

See all those containers holding ‘stuff’
blue bell jar, vintage cheese box, vases, trays, buckets, wire baskets

cottage shelves @northern cottage

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c’mon in!!!

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Chat soon -

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  1. This is WAY too clever!! Love every bit of it and I'm kinda wishing we still had our house with the attached garage. When I come to visit I want to come in this door! ;)

  2. Wow, I love this! It's neat, organized and so cute! I love the colors and the the galvanized tubs are perfect for storing winter gear! It all makes me want to redo my mud room! :)


  3. You've done a great job making this so welcoming and cute!!


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