Organization: {Kid Homework/Craft Creation Station and a Gift Wrap Cart}

Yesterday, you saw my craft area here.  The kiddos have a spot for creativity as well.

This spot holds the STUFF for crafts and for homework – the pencils, the rulers, the homework supplies, the markers, the paper, etc, etc, etc! 

northern cottage creation station

This area gets used!! Because the craft stuff is so very accessible, they can turn on their creative juices and craft away! But because it incorporates built in storage – it stays pretty neat…yay!! 

northern cottage lockers

We keep the stuff on top of this vintage locker piece. Open up the locker and more bins, jars and a vintage lunchbox contain more odds and ends.

northern cottage inside the lockers



My recipe for gift wrap organization

starts with a vintage cart


combined with a vintage mail pouch to hold
cards, bows, scissors and tape


the pouch strap holds the wrap rolls neatly in place and the body of the cart holds tissue paper and gift bags

northern cottage gift wrap cart inside_thumb[3]

The cart houses all the gift wrap stuff in one location. I love that it is portable and can be rolled out of its spot in our hall closet to wrap a gift at the dining table and then rolled right back away!


Check out those aqua wheels – stinkin cute!!


So far, we’ve seen organization tips for lots of spaces here at the cottage.

I’ve saved my favorite for last!!  Up next…organizing the
the entry!!

Chat soon -

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  1. That's such a cool idea with the cart. I have one of those I might transform. Also, I have an old tool box on wheels which might be just perfect for my crafting mad daughter. Great ideas.

    Anne xx


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