Organization: {The Kitchen}

How to Organize the JUNK DRAWER
{oh the dreaded junk drawer}

how to organize the kitchen drawer

 It can be an organized beauty if you employ a few tricks. You can end up with organized kitchen drawers too!

Here’s my biggest tip - I love to use

trays and bowls and bins

to house all the little things that are found in the kitchen drawers and keep them in their place and divide into sections of similar items


I have a little secret to share with you…
I have multiple junk drawers {gasp!}

One drawer holds all the
office stuff that happens in the kitchen
{pens, paper, clips, labels, etc.}


northern cottage organized drawers

and the other holds baking and cooking tidbits
{spatulas, measuring cups & spoons, etc}

northern cottage organize baking central

northern cottage cookie cutters (1)

northern cottage scissors

Seriously, every time I get a pen or a spatula it makes me smile and when people come over and happen to get a peek in – they gasp - ha!


Other glimpses around the kitchen…

On the counter

I like to keep the counters cleared as much as possible

{doesn’t mean they always are but I’d like them to be – ha!}

For the most used items, I like to consolidate them in trays.  Use enamel trays to hold fresh veggies from the garden and vintage accessories whenever you can -
like this old metal napkin holder?

northern cottage kitchen tray

Another spot in the kitchen…I love this yellow crate that I use to “contain” some of our other kitchen goodies like puppy treats {in an old candy jar} and my pretty red & aqua vintage mixing bowls all stacked up

the kitchen crate @northern cottage


How about under the sink?

* I love a little dish to hold the “dish” soap

* Limit cleaning supplies to the essential

* Use tiered storage containers to use
some of that empty vertical space

* How many paper bags does a girl need?

northern cottage under the sink


Coming up…organizing in the LIVING ROOM!!

Chat soon -

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  1. Lookin' good! I think I need to take a before/after pic and then get busy. Love the enamelware tins and Pyrex on display. Now... to find some dynamite so I can clear the way and get started...

  2. I definitely need to clean out my junk drawer! I have trays but need to add some bins and bowls like you have...very smart! I love the compliments, too! Now-if they would just STAY organized!


  3. Beautiful things. I do that with my junk drawers too.

    Anne xx

  4. I adore organization everything looks great!


I {ADORE} your comments and read! ♥