a vintage laundry cart

I fell in love

with this

vintage laundry cart

with its perfect chippy red base

northern cottage 101

and its white basket

ready to fill up with goodies

northern cottage 100


but I tried it here and there and everywhere and

it just didn’t fit


{my friend is sooo gonna smack me for doing this but}

I sold her {the laundry cart – not my friend!  gasp!!!}

I took her into the little shoppe I sell at

she’s gone

northern cottage VINTAGE laundry cart

(she was snatched up & purchased before I even finished unloading the rest of my goodies into the shoppe!!)

I kicked myself for a moment
(& wished I had quadrupled the price – ha!)
but she has a lovely new owner now
and I’m sure she’ll be

And it feels good to keep on my editing path!

Do you have items you regret
allowing to move on
stories of how
you’ve cleared a path to happiness by editing?

Chat soon -

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  1. Oh it was CUTE! Hope you at least got one ride in it before it went.... :D

  2. I have a cart just like this, but it's not painted...yours was so cute!! I'm always debating whether to sell things or not-such a peril of the job :)

  3. It would have been sooo cute with Christmas presents in it, sitting next to your tree! Last year, my editing was placing all the wrapped gifts in wire containers next to the tree, so they didn't block our walkway, and didn't get strewn all over! Your laundry cart would have taken the idea to a whole new level! ;)

  4. Oh! I so thought you were going to tell us how you were using it! I have one and it is sitting in the garage. My basket isn't white tho. pam


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