a gigantic {vintage basket}

I happened upon this huge basket at a recent sale

and it had to come home with me but it was a little plain

so I had to give it a little extra something

Graphic addition to a  pretty basket@ Northern Cottage.net

so I printed off this tea and coffee graphic on cream ardstock and then crumpled it up, unfolded it and then crumpled it up again…ahhhh that was fun!!

Graphic addition to a  pretty basket@ Northern Cottage.net

Then I attached it to the side of the huge basket
with brass brads.  What a fun little addition! What to keep in it….recycling, blankets, yardsticks, branches???

options are limitless!

(I had the graphic in my old inspiration file {pre-pinterest} so I don’t have the source – if anyone knows it, please certainly share and I’ll add it in!)

Chat soon -

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  1. when you come up with ideas, will you let me know? I have one too with an original label and I don't know what to keep/put in it!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this!! I have tons of plain wicker baskets that I use (pillows, magazines, shoes) and I'd love to 'jazz' them up a bit. Your label looks great!

  3. What a darn neat idea...thanks for sharing.



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