Baby…It’s cold outside {winter activity day}

It’s been cold and windy and icy around here and we had a ‘day off’ from school

snowy @


So we made the very most of it

* We baked

baking in vintage pyrex@

cupcakes @

check out this pin for easy marshmallow “frosting” – mmm {fyi didn’t look good but tasted yummy!}

* We crafted

puffy paper

ha – these were FUN!!

zipper pouch @ Northern

  I made my first lined zippered pouch – so proud of myself

* We made cards & treats to bring for a visit to
Great Grandma 077


* We forted…ummm… built a fort {with vintage sheets no less!}

fort time @

  * I cleaned the stove {notice I not we?? not as much fun on this one but it felt good to get it done!}


* We read

* We snuggled


is that a cute dog with a gigantic bone or what?

* We played outside

a very good day indeed!!

What do you do on snowy {stay home} days??

Chat soon -

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  1. I'd stay home on a snowy day just to be able to do all of this... even the cleaning of the stove!


  2. Looks like a perfect day to me!! Nothing like a good old fort under the table... especially if you've got snacks like today's post on hand. I'd hide in there all day. :) Stay warm!


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