DIY SPA Packs Tutorial {Pamper Yourself!!}

cozy rice

I have a present for you!!  I'm gonna show you how to make a

soothing spa pack

Okay let’s get started with this easy little project

Take 2 rectangles of fabric (any combination of soft fabrics like cotton, flannel, or minky work great!)

You can size these rectangles however you like….

maybe 6 x 3 for a neck pack or

maybe 2 x 4 for an eye pack or

maybe 3 x 3 for pocket hand warmers….

any size YOU like!!

If you want to embellish the front at all (adding lace, or flowers or buttons etc…do that on one of the rectangles now

shabby chic spa

Next, face the rectangles right side together and sew a seam around (leaving a 2 1/2 in gap for turning and filling)

Clip the corners and turn right side out

Press - I like to topstitch the closed end at this point so that when we’re done the two ends match (but you don’t HAVE to)

Now mix up your rice {adding any essential oils or scents that you like – I love adding baby powder for a wonderful clothesline fresh scent – but I have a ‘thing’ for baby powder).  On average I use about 1 1/2 cup of rice with a couple shakes of baby powder for each spa pack.

Pour the rice (a little funnel or scoop is very helpful) into the little pouch you sewed up leaving a little room at the top.

I like to pin the pouch across just above the rice to keep that in place while you sew the pouch opening closed.


Turn the edges in and top stitch it closed – remove the pins and

Voila – you’re done and have a stinking cute little pouch spa pack to gift away to others and/or pamper yourself!

pink spa

This one is a pink floral flannel with a grey scrappy flower

spa rice

This one was made out of grey chevron-ish cotton fabric with a yellow ruffle trim

If you give as a gift, just add a little tag telling them how long to heat in the microwave (this depends on the size of the pouches you made – usually 30 seconds on HIGH does the trick and more for bigger packs) 

These are wonderfully soothing and pampering after a long day or playing outside or when not feeling well.  A cozy, snuggle-y addition indeed!

TIP: You can also store in the freezer to help soothe boo-boos.

Chat soon -

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  1. Darling and so easy.I didn't know you could use plain uncooked rice in the micro. without water. Since I don't sew or own a machine I could do it with something pre-sewed. I suppose ?

  2. I had no idea these were made using rice! When the family was visiting over Christmas, one grandson had a 'boo boo' and my daughter asked if I had anything like these. Now I can make one (or 2 or 3) to have on hand next time they are here! (guaranteed he'll get another boo boo lol). Thanks for the tutorial! I'm pinning this!
    Debbie :)

  3. This looks so cute! Thanks for the great tutorial! Hope you have a fantastic day!

  4. Pretty cute! You're outdoing yourself again ;-)


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