Chocolate “Chip” FUDGE

Chocolate Chip Fudge @ Northern

This is a yummy treat…seriously!! It sounds weird, I know….but it is so very yummy.

It’s a wonderful combination of creamy sweet chocolate, a layer of caramel and then salty chips crunched up on top

Caramel Potato Chip Fudge @ Northern


Take a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips and place in a small saucepan with a can of sweetened condensed milk

Melt and mix together over low head.  Remove from heat and add in a tsp of vanilla

Spread into an 8 x8 pan

(Optional layer) take about 1/2 a bottle of caramel topping and spread that over the chocolate later

Now take several handfuls ruffled chips (thicker chips work great) and break them up and spread over the other layers

Smoosh it down to bind the layers together

Pop in the fridge to cool and set and then cut into small squares (it’s rich so a little bite is usually enough)

e.a.t. @ Northern

A little sweet, a little salty, a little smooth, a little crunch!!

Potato Chip Fudge @ Northern


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  1. I sent the link to my Grandson who loves to make fudge. It sounds yummy

  2. Yum.... your blog is going to have to start posting a calorie warning. :) xo


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