How to make a pretty {Doily Banner}

how to make a doily 

Many people are decorating and crafting with LOTS of pinks and reds this time of year.

Not me…apparently, I’m quite the rebel!!

I’m MUCH more drawn to cool soothing colors as we begin to wrap up winter and look forward to the arrival of spring

We added a little bit of that soothing color here at the cottage with this little quick craft

this pretty lil

loopy divider


loopy divider

Here’s how you can whip one up too…

Just start off with some bakers twine
(I chose a grey/white combo for this project – yum!)

and paper doilies (from our beloved target)

Doilies and

Separate all those doilies (this was the hardest part of this entire project – man, those things like to hold on to each other!)

fold ‘em in half


I played with gluing them to the twine but didn’t love the look so switched up to stapling them in place

For one string of banners, I added some cute mini cupcake toppers over the doilies (inspired by here – xo)

doily banner bits

doily window

Hang them wherever you’d like (mantel, across a bookcase, etc.)

Here are some strung across a window adding to the pretty and very very cold view of a bright sunny day!

ahhhh – makes me HAPPY!!

choose happy

Chat soon -

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  1. super cute friend! love the colors! i'm a rebel when it comes to standard holiday colors too :) i just happen to love pink!! ♥

  2. Very cute! My girls and I could have so much fun making one of our own. thanks

  3. So easy and cute! Did you eat the cupcakes required for this project all by yourself? :)

  4. That is so cute! I love cupcake liner crafts!!

  5. I love a simple and cute project. The colors ARE soothing. I hope you stay warm and keep plugging along until Spring.

    By the way, that sure is some pretty scenery you have there behind your banner. I enjoyed the little look into your world outside.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas


I {ADORE} your comments and read! ♥