How to make {Puffy Little MONSTERS}

puffy paper MONSTER

Keeping kiddos busy during a school break?  Weekend fun?  Cool activity to do TOGETHER?

This fits the bill!!

They are easy and fun – I’m tellin ya!

cute girl puff

Just take some paper (construction paper, scrapbook paper, even copier paper) and draw out a body shape


I kinda like a big head/body combination (with no distinct neck) and barely any leg/feet. 
That is a weird description for my ‘type’ – ha!!

Then just start drawing eyes, nose, eyebrows, hair bits, mustaches, beards, long wavy hair, spiky hair – whatever!!

Color or fill in some spots to accent

Cut out around the body (leaving a bit of an edge all around)

Staple around the body (leaving a little bit open at the bottom) and stuff with cotton balls

Staple the bottom and you’re set

Believe me, you can crank out a bunch of these in no time


Fun IDEA – take turns making monsters to  ‘resemble’ family members – everyone thinks that is

{except, maybe, in some cases, perhaps the person who is the subject of said art}  ALL in GOOD FUN!!!

cute diy puff

Chat soon -

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  1. Happy New Year girl! So cute... and is that YOU in the green? :)

  2. These are SO cute! My daughter loves "doing art" and I'm sure she'd think these were just hilarious!


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