{Perfect Popovers}

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I really don’t know if there is anything better!

These babies are EASY, easy, EaSy!!

But… they look like they’re not and they don’t taste easy!

They partner with pats of butter beautifully!

Some people like a smear of jam or honey

but me…I’m a butter purist

oh my!

hot popovers @northerncottage.net

The first time I made them I only made a batch of 6 popovers for our family of 4.

Now I KNOW that will not suffice.

A double dose if surely needed!

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popover batter @northerncottage.net

Popovers go with nearly everything

a pile of popovers@northerncottage.net

like roast beef or

baked chicken

meatloaf or

stroganoff or

a big pot of comforting soup

or just about anything - ok well maybe not burritos - but just about everything else!

I have my mom-in-law’s popover pans on loan & HAVE to find some pans of my own to return these to her!

popover @northerncottage.net

In my popover adventures, I’ve tried several different recipes (there is surprising variety in ingredients and procedures in creating these beauties!)  I used this one most recently and it was wonderful {really really wonderful!!!}

Please please make some up for yourself and


p.s. don’t forget to stock up on butter!

Chat soon -

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  1. yum! this is heavenly looking! i want to make them right NOW!

  2. Thanks so much...these sound very simple and delicious. I copied the recipe! :)


  3. These look very much like Yorkshire puddings, which we English ONLY eat with roast meat, covered in gravy! But butter and jam - now there's an idea.... : )


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