{Who’s watching YOUR Pins?}

You never know who might be following your activity in social media!!

Here’s an example…

Have you heard of Brookside Chocolates (a part of Hershey)?

They make these amazing little bits of fruit wrapped in rich chocolate – serious YUMMO!

Unbeknownst to me, they were following me on pinterest & were inspired by me – say what?

brookside chocolates with pomegranite @northerncottage.net

They sent a fabulous package here at the cottage – you can read about it here!

How cool is that??


I’m always stunned and humbled to see how many people follow little ol’ me  - you can check out the options to follow NORTHERN COTTAGE  here:


So you never know who might be watching and be inspired by YOU! 
Keep on doing what you do –
keep on being awesome and try to  CHOOSE HAPPY each day!

Be sure to check out the details on this fun experience here!!

Chat soon -

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  1. See... calories ARE good!! Congrats and what a fun surprise. So much better than receiving bills in the mail! :)

  2. Great news and who wouldn't love your Pinterest boards. I'm your latest fan. Still trying to find time to go through them all.

    Anne xx


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