How to Make a {MUG RUG}!!

mug rug collection

We always enjoy a nice cup of joe (coffee!), tea, or hot chocolate around these parts (every season, every day!)

So…I made some little cuties that could be used as

 hot pads, MUG RUGS, coasters, etc!!

Remember a little while back, I shared some little hot pad mug rug coasters that I had whipped up?  I thought I’d share how I made them so you can make some too!
{*for personal use only}

How to Make a MUG

Supplies needed:

* fabric of your choice
* coordinating thread
* fusible fleece
* iron
* scissors or rotary cutter
* sewing machine

Start off my making a little template (I used the cardboard that came in a fat quarter but you can make one from cardstock too) – mine measured 4 3/4” by 5 1/4” (any measure close to this will work depending on how big you want your mug rug to end up) 002

use that template to mark the fabric
(pre-washed and pressed, right?) 003

you’ll need a front piece and a back piece (you can use same fabric or different for front/back – whatever you like) 004

and you’ll cut one piece of fusible fleece
* cut a tiny bit smaller (1/4 in) on one end 005

now take your fusible fleece and your bottom fabric piece (match up the scratchy/adhesive side of your fusible fleece with the wrong side of your fabric) line up on one side and leave that little bit of fabric bare on the other end.  Fuse it together with your iron (on wool setting, following fusible fleece instructions) 011

(here it is flipped upside down after fusing…)

now take your fused bottom piece with fabric facing up and place your top piece right side down (so right sides are together and your fleece is on the bottom) 012

pin in the center 006

and sew around the edge with a small seam allowance
leaving an a couple inch opening for turning

(be sure to start on the edge with your little bit of fabric overhang & backstitch to reinforce the beginning and ending stitches – this will make it easier to sew closed later on!)

now clip the corners and trim if your edges are overly large to reduce bulk when you turn it right side out 009 you guessed it, now you turn right side out and press 013

press the opening you left so the edges will be captured when you topstitch (you can pin this opening closed if you want)

topstitch all the way around - see how much easier that closure was because we had that little bit of overhang rather than the fusible fleece being exactly the same size?

when you get back to the beginning of your topstitch, rotate and stitch in a little ways at an angle and then rotate again to make the lines parallel with your topstitch and then stitch going in ever smaller squares (stitch, rotate, stitch, rotate, etc.) until you get to the middle and then backstitch to set the thread 010 020

You’re Done!!  Yahoo! 016

Go make yourself a cup of tea and relax and admire your work and …

remember how awesome you are!!


make 87 more mug rugs to give as gifts for family and friends!!





Chat soon -

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  1. what a cute little project and a wonderful way to use up a lot of scraps of material you may normally throw away...thanks for the tut, I will give this a try for sure...

  2. You know I love mine! You have the best fabric choices too. These would make great gifts for the girls at work. Lately I have been crocheting them dishcloths but this would be a nice change. Now to find some pretty fabrics.


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