{Artichoke Dip FINALS} - GO VOTE NOW!

northern cottage artichoke dip contest

 Happy news!!!  I’m excited to tell ya that my
{artichoke dip}

has made it to the final round in the Lipton Dip To Win Contest!!!

Down to the final 2 dips!  Whooooohooooo!

I have to tell ya… I’m very full
* full of gratitude for all of you lovelies who have already VOTED here
* full of humility to be selected to move forward especially considering how awesome the competition was with some amazing food bloggers/chefs sharing swoon-worthy recipes! * full of hope for one of you to win the
big $1500.00 prize
(or even one of the dip warmers that are also being given away)
* and I’m also very full of dip…as you can imagine - to prepare
for this dip contest I was making lots of batches of dip, and then tweaking, tasting, adjusting and tasting more dip to make sure it was super delish and easy to prepare!!  good thing I like to eat!


Contest now closed
results coming soon!

So…I’d be soooo happy if you’d head over to vote here at Lipton Dip to Win {remember your vote will enter you to win that big prize!!} and
SHARE: Spread the word on your social connections so your friends/followers can vote & maybe win big too! 
{share of facebook, tweet, retweet, pin away!}

I’ve put together some easy little tidbits you can just copy & paste into your FB/Twitter if ya want:

FACEBOOK:   PLEASE go vote for NORTHERN COTTAGE’s {CHEESY ARTICHOKE DIP !!} in the LIPTON DIP TO WIN recipe Contest (& YOU could win $1500 smackaroos with your vote!)  http://www.liptondiptowin.com – ♥♥♥

TWITTER:  GO Vote for @NorCottage ‘s ARTICHOKE DIP in Lipton’s Dip to Win Contest FINALS! You could win $1500! Vote here: http:www.liptondiptowin.com

the BEST Artichoke Dip @ NorthernCottage.net

Of course, you can get the recipe and contest details in the original Artichoke Dip post and here too!


Chat soon -

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  1. I voted, pinned and shared!! Good luck in the final round!

  2. I voted too. Congratulations and good luck! It looks so yummy!

    Anne xx


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