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I’ve been playing…

number 5 necklace @NorthernCottage.net


{this one above is one of my favorites because of the 5 – standing for me, hub & 3 kiddos! = our little family}

it also includes an extra key to the house my parents lived in last before they passed along with some travel related baubles reminding me of my jet-setting (back in the day!) mama!

some others:

junk it up jewelry @NorthernCottage.net

junky jewelry@NorthernCottage.net

I love assembling jewelry with junk, with hooks, with some of my mom and grandmothers buttons, with bits and pieces and baubles and beads, with pieces of measuring tape and little mementos.  Using up some of the little pieces in my stash that had been growing and growing.  I figured I should USE them instead of just having them and holding on to them for ‘someday’!

All of these little bits came together to create some new


bits and pieces jewelry @NorthernCottage.net

swoon!!  Oh so very fun to make and wear!

Heads up…I have a fun little sewing project I’ll be sharing soon too! 

It has been productive here at the cottage lately! yay!

Chat soon -

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