{Pork Carnita Bowls}

Pork Carnita Bowls @NorthernCottage.net

   You ready for a SUPER yummy meal?  Well… this. is. it !! 

It starts with some amazing
Shredded Pork Carnitas

to round out this meal, we also include some
cilantro garlic lime rice

and then the toppings….oh the toppings….
the salt, lime and a fork!


Let’s get started:

3 pounds Pork Roast (trimmed of fat and cut into large pieces)
3 garlic cloves minced (or a couple scoops of jarred garlic)
1 small can diced green chilies
* 1/2 to 1 small can chipotles in adobo sauce – chopped
1 1/2 cup water

cilantro – finely chopped
lime juice

Place the meat, garlic, chilies, adobo sauce and water in a crockpot on low for 8-10 hours.

At end of cooking time, take two forks and shred it up and throw in some lime juice, cilantro and course salt

* Note - The chipotles in adobo CAN be spicy (but aren’t usually).  If you don’t like spice, use fewer of these (maybe half a can) and remove/dispose the seeds when you’re chopping it up.  You can wear rubber gloves when you’re chopping if you want.  If not, be sure not to touch your eyes – m’kay? ouch!  (not like I know from experience or anything)  We always use the whole can and don’t remove the seeds – sometimes it turns out a little spicy (yum!) and sometimes not.  But we like to live on the wild side and take huge risks like that – y’know?  wild and crazy! 

We serve this with cilantro garlic lime rice - Just cook the rice as usual but add some chopped cilantro and garlic in with the water & when it’s done cooking, fluff with a fork and add a couple pats of butter and a few splashes of lime juice…mmmmm! 
no exact measuring required.

a little trick we use is with our sour cream – add a bit of milk to make the consistency smoother – mmmm – so good!!

yum bowls @NorthernCottage.net

Now go grab a bowl, pile in rice, carnitas, sour cream, olives, more cilantro (yeah I like me some cilantro – can you tell?) a couple sloshes of hot sauce, lime juice, sprinkle with some sea salt and

EAT UP!!   Carnita Bowls - YUM! @NorthernCottage.net

I’ve been making these Pork Carnita Bowls for years and loving them every single time!!   I recently saw this pin…  yum! 
{never thought of crisping up the meat after the crockpot tenderizing/shredding goodness – but am Totally gonna try this!}

have a happy day


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  1. This looks amazing and exactly what I order at my favorite restaurant. Now I can make it at home!

  2. You always have the best recipes! I can't wait to try this! Thanks so much!


  3. Oh, I think I may have to make this this weekend!! Thanks, it looks so delicious;) I think I'll pin it too lol!

    Jenny from diywithjenandb.blogspot.com

  4. Oh my! that looks so, so yummmy! Can't wait to give it a try! We always have the best recipes!

  5. Oh. I love that dish. It’s simple, healthy and so delicious.


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