{Ruffle Tote Bag}

ruffle tote bag @ NorthernCottage.net

I’ve got a fun cute little project to share with ya today!

Who doesn’t need an extra little bag to take to the market or the library or by the entry to store things ready to grab as you head out the door?

I admit that I do have a lot of bags…I like them…I like to make them and buy them and use them and look at them and see them hanging so pretty!

This EASY RUFFLE BAG version is super easy to whip up & adds just a little whimsy and fun to a basic bag!

You can make a little tote base on your own or grab a pre-made one up at the local craft store for cheapo.  I had this blank canvas bag that I picked up at a garage sale last season for a buck!

But…it was sooo boring so I knew I needed to spice it up a bit

Bring on the ruffles!

All ya need to do is grab some fabric strips twice the width of your tote, ruffle them and then sew to the bag itself (maybe even just use some jelly roll strips!)  I’ve seen where some folks will even just fabric glue the ruffles in place.


northerncottage ruffle tote

I adore ruffles and these frayed ones are just too cute!  You can add as many layers of ruffles you’d like
and then maybe a scrappy flower too if ya want

Cute layered ruffle bag @ NorthernCottage.net

More bags on the horizon to add to my ever-expanding collection! 

Now off I go to the library with this ruffle-y little tote
(won’t I look so cute – ha??!!)

Chat soon -

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  1. That is totally adorable! I love ruffly things - ruffles make everything cute!

    Never tried artichoke dip but yours looks tasty. Voted for you!

  2. Ruffles and scrappy flowers - so cute! And I love tote bags too. You can never have too many!

  3. This is adorable! The ruffles and little scrappy flower are perfect together. Good job!

  4. Love your sweet ruffly tote bag! Have been meaning to make one, myself! Catherine

  5. Your ruffled bag is wonderful! I love ruffles!

    Would love to be able to "whip" something like that up. My sewing skills are extremely limited to say the least. :)

  6. HEy there!
    Can you believe that I have just gotten around to setting up a reader - so that I will actually SEE the blogs that I like?? You were right up there on my list of people to add!
    I love this little tote bag - looks like something I could handle!

  7. Oh my Gosh! The bag is so cute and adorable. The ruffles and little scrappy flowers are enhancing the beauty of bag. Most importantly the color is so soothing and simple.
    Orla Kiely Bags Sale in Ireland


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