europe 2013 highlights {italy}

The last couple days we’ve toured in spain and france and now we’ve arrived in italy.  Our ship docked in livorno, italy (near pisa and florence)
We decided to keep with the countryside tour and head to Cinque Terre…a group of 5 villages not accessible by car.  We drove a comfy coach bus through the countryside to arrive at the first village.

I can’t really share with you the beauty of this place.

The colors were stunning and this FELT like authentic old time italy to me.

to cinque terre italy

We explored the first village (and had our first of many cappuccinos of this trip right here – does it get any better?)

cinque terre italy

The people here work HARD.  They have terraced vineyards that they’ve carved out of the mountainside and they transport their product with much difficulty to make wonderful wine, limoncino, etc.

terraced vineyards - cinque terre italy -


We took a boat from the first village to the second

cinque terre by boat

and then another boat ride to the third village
(seriously – just look at the water!)

cinque terre water

and then a train ride to yet another village

cinque terre colors -

and then through yet more beautiful scenery on our coach ride back to our ship.

little walkway

a wonderful day indeed!

we DID get to see the leaning tower of pisa – ha! fine by me since we got cinque terre!!


The day after cinque terre, we moved on to rome

The architecture alone is just breathtaking.

art in romestunning stairway rome

I’ll tell ya though…rome was my least favorite of all our stops.

so busy, so crowded.

we did visit see some spectacular sights though and we purposely didn’t try to go see everything.  which was wonderful….see a bit and then explore through the side streets, stop for a fabulous cup of capuccino!  what could be better?

travel 220_thumb[1]

side streets in rome

cafe with jasmine


chat soon -

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  1. Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Sounds like you had a super fabulous time. I already want to go back and am secretly planning to purchase a Paris apartment!! Talk soon, I hope.

  2. Enjoying the photos of your trip (on my iphone) so I thought I would stop in to say how lovely they are. Sometimes the smaller and less touristy towns and villages are far more memorable than big places like Rome (not that I have visited, but advice from lots of friends who have travelled to Italy and France recently.)

  3. I'm more into the side streets and the way the locals live. Not so much interested in all the touristy places. I'll have to get more details of the boat cruise off you as that's something that would encompass all the places I want to see. (That's if you don't mind letting me know.) Gorgeous!

    Anne xx


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