Europe 2013 highlights {spain}

hello y’all!! 

As shared a few days ago, I just returned from a wonderful trip with my sister…

We’ve thought about this trip for decades but it didn’t happen til now for one reason or another.

We finally took the plunge and planned this trip.  Our parents loved to travel.  My mom was in the airline industry for decades and so it was especially touching that we got to complete this trip in their memory.

We were originally thinking we’d go explore Paris (flea-market anyone?) and then visit our relatives in Denmark but then came across a great deal on a Mediterranean cruise which allowed us a glimpse of several different areas.

The trip started off with our landing in Barcelona Spain – completely lovely!!  We had a day to explore and we made full use of that day.  We got metro tickets and saw just about everything….

amazing architecture by Gaudi:

gaudi architecture

gaudi archeslanterns

I had PLANS to eat pastries and bread particularly in France and Italy but….I was surprised that our favorite finds were actually in Barcelona….

for instance – this pastry was filled with marzipan (almond sweet) and chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar – amazing!  So good, in fact, that we went back 2 more times!!

We stayed at a lovely boutique hotel.  The beds were amazing and the breakfast was THE best hotel breakfast I’ve EVER had.  They had everything imaginable and it was!!  If you’re ever looking for a place to stay in barcelona – I'd highly recommend this spot.

marzipan pastry

Next stop – FRANCE!!

chat soon -

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  1. This is just amazing...a coincidence! Hubby had been searching cruises where we could see some of Europe and he found one that started in Barcelona and ended in Marseilles! We plan to go in October! I love your pictures! I'm wondering why you stayed in a hotel if you were on a cruise.

    Looking forward to hearing more!


  2. I missed this one. Always wanted to go to Spain.

    Anne xx

  3. Hi there World Traveler...Christine stopping by from Little Brags. I love Spain ..I spend all my summer vacations there growing up and actually posted about My Dads house there last month...check out the post if you have a minute.....I follow you now via email......


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