{Sweet Almond Chocolate Marzipan Croissants}

sweet almond chocolate croissants via {Northern Cottage}

mmmm I love me some almond or amaretto or marzipan flavored goodies.  Any and all versions.  We tried a new twist on a a croissant around this cottage recently with divine results. ♥♥♥

Are you guys familiar with marzipan (aka almond paste?)  If not, I’d like to make the introduction.  It is soooo yummy!  I imagining all kinds of new friendships starting with my buddy…almond paste!  like serious BFF’s!

Here is an EASY way to give marzipan/almond paste a try.  All ya have to do is buy some crescent rolls, roll in a little bit of almond paste which you can typically find in the pie filling section at your grocery store (you only need a little bit in each roll as it is rich and sweet – probably about a teaspoon or so) and, of course, add in some chocolate morsels.  Roll it up and press all the openings closed (so none of the gooey wonderful insides escape during baking) and pop in the 375 oven for 10 minutes or until lightly golden brown.  Let them cool for just a few moments (if you can) and then dust with powdered sugar.

marizpan croissants via {NorthernCottage}

Bring on the Marzipan!

These babies are very similar to my
S’more Croissants   
that went
viral on Pinterest oh so many moons ago…

NORTHERN COTTAGE smore croissants

click here for the S’more Croissant Recipe
(you can have the taste of outdoor camping s’mores without setting up the tent and sleeping with the bugs!)

And now you have OPTIONS to whip up a sweet, warm, ooey-gooey treat anytime your heart desires!


Chat soon -

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