{Upcycled Dress Turned Tote}

A cute-ification project has been completed here at the cottage!
(like that new word?)

TRANFORM old dress turned cute tote @NorthernCottage.net

I mean CUUUUTTTEEE!!  eeek!

I was going through clothes in my daughters closet (sorting and purging!)

A donate pile here….a worn out pile there….fabric scraps here…share with smaller little friends in another pile.

When I came across this dress. 

little girl dress turned tote - before @NorthernCottage.net

Oh it was so stinkin cute and I’m sad that my little girl is way too tall for it now.  I have awesome memories of my little girl in this dress and us doing some nice snuggle time and walks to the park.  ahhhhh!

So I decided to keep this dress….but not just tucked away in a trunk to pull out and look at 20 years from now but instead…making something with it NOW to be used and loved!

Check out what I made!

diy dress to tote transformation @NorthernCottage.net

I’ve told you guys many times before that I don’t really consider myself a ‘sewer’ 
(as in sewing not septic systems…because yeah that would be weird)

how about seamstress?  that sounds better but yeah still I’m not that!

ok anyway… I just wing it when I’m sewing.  I love a frayed look, perhaps because that is what I’m best at for now…I don’t read patterns, I don’t know all the tricks….but I keep on playing and trying like I did with my ruffle rag quilt  - even sharing a how to make a rag quilt tutorial and also with mug rug coasters, a tea towels and potholder set and a cute little zippered pouch.  I keep on trying new stuff and I keep just HAVING FUN!

yes - sometimes I do rip out seams (mom would be proud) and start over and sometimes I end up thrilled with the results like with this project!

Let me tell ya - It took all my brain cells to figure out how to do this with a lining and a pocket and straps and all but I think it turned out pretty amazing if I do say so myself (which I just did)! 

Yes, I realize I have 8.2 millions pins (and even a bags and totes board dedicated to well, yes, oddly enough bags and totes) that I could have referred to but I was too busy sewing to actually look at them.  I think that is the lovely thing about pinterest though….I’ve gained so much from perusing and exploring and reading that I felt confident at trying and making it my own.  Isn’t that awesome?

so instead of reading an exact tutorial on how to sew a lining, I went with winging it.  And though it was a workout for my brain – it was FUN and rewarding too!

Of course I HAD to add a little detachable flower pin for some extra cuteness.

detachable flower pin@NorthernCottage.net

How many more times do you think I can use the word (cute) in this post – ugh!??  I’m not usually a cute-sy girl (see there I go again) but this project is so….well…cute!!  ha!

Go look in your kiddos closets for cute too small dresses or skirts or shirts….or head to the local thrift store/garage sales and pick up on the cheap to give it a try and PLAY!!

what do you guys think of my newest little project?

happy day to y’all!!
go forth & be {cute}- ugh!

Chat soon -

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  1. That is so cute and what a great way to upcycle a favorite dress! Love it! water damage Monticello IN


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