a cute little {IPAD MINI CASE}

{Northern Cottage} ipad mini case

I have a new friend….she’s pretty and shiny and and smooth and I want to keep her this way….so I’ve made a little case for her to remain unmarred.  

An ipad mini is obviously a girl but I haven’t named her yet – hmmmm will have to think on that – any suggestions?

To offer a little more protection, I made a little case for her (which is really like a cute little pocket to slide her into and it’s got a soft linen lining material.)  Of course, it HAD to have a ruffle!  I also sewed little ties into the top to tie it shut so it wouldn’t fall out.

{Northern Cottage}- ipad mini case

My kids do get their grubby gentle loving little hands on this new friend of mine every so often so they know to put it back in its case when done too!  Plus it’s cute so that is the biggest bonus!

Speaking of ipad mini’s:  I heard a funny story the other day….this guy had purchased an ipad mini for his teenage-ish son as a gift..they wanted to look something up on it and he asked his son to go get his ‘mini-pad’ - ummmm….yeah…very very different things!!  ipad mini vs. mini-pad!!  HA!!

This mini ipad case is a similar concept (on a smaller scale) to my handmade casserole carrier case

Casserole Tote @NorthernCottage.net

I know I owe you guys a tutorial for the casserole carrier…I have to make another one to get the dimensions right to share here since I soooo winged it when I made it the first time without any kind of pattern.  I’ll get it to you as soon as I make one!  ♥

Chat soon -

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  1. So cute and you have the prettiest fabrics. I'm enjoying my juice/water mix right now on the pretty colourful coasters you sent me.

  2. cute, cute, cute. I still don't have an ipad. I've gone the route of the Kindle instead and I'm very happy with it. I thought about making a case for it many, many time. I think it even made the sewing to-do list at one point. I think you have inspired me to move it up the list a bit and get it done.


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