Natures BEFORE and AFTER {in the garden}

Some of my favorite blooms, unfortunately, are fleeting…the come and go so fast.  But…. I sure do adore them while they are here. 

Our spring and early summer were quite chilly/wet here so we were delayed in our summer early blooms.  My peonies just came in….ahhhh!!

Below is a pic of how they looked the other day….was I ever keeping an eye on them and babying them along.  I was a protective owner – didn’t want anything to happen to these beauties as I’ve been waiting for them for what feels like forever.  

{Northern Cottage} peony about to bloom

{Northern Cottage} Peony Bud 
and in just a day they’ve bloomed and unfurled so beautifully

{Northern Cottage} my fav flower - Peony{Northern Cottage} Gorgeous Pink Peony

{Northern Cottage} Peony bloom

    {Northern Cottage} Peony close up

{Northern Cottage} Pink Peonies

Peony Tips:

* Plant in the fall
* Don’t plant too deeply – the ‘eyes’ of the peony must beat soil level
* Plant in pretty sunny location.
* Be Patient – from planting, it can take several years to produce blooms (now you can see why I was so protective of these babies

Chat soon -

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  1. So pretty! My sister used to live in her in-laws home with really old peony bushes all around the foundation. I have been meaning to plant some in our garden.

  2. Your peonies are beautiful. They do not do well here in So CA.
    I am a new follower, stop by and see my cottage garden.

  3. Your peonies are beautiful, oh how I wish they would last longer, though. I don't know why I haven't been here to visit for so long. Have a wonderful week!


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