{Pretty Handcrafted Journals}

{Northern Cottage} SaSSY JouRNaLs!!

I’ve found myself paper crafting lately – and loving every minute of it!  Making these…

Pretty Handled Journals

These handcrafted journals combine paper and fabric and sewing and doilies and tags and banners and tying and clipping and gluing and stamping – YUM!

History: I was a scrapbooker back in the day…I had all the tools back then (which pretty much consisted of fancy edge scissors – ha!) and of course, I had loads and loads of pretty paper.  With toddlers and infants at the time, I really only found myself being able to craft when I was ‘away’…perhaps a weekend or evening retreat with friends.  Those retreats involved packing (serious packing!!) up of creative gear (& a toothbrush.)  Looking back, those were awesome reflective, creative, sleepless periods of productivity….which I haven’t done in YEARS.  Years…

why not?

I have ALL the excuses….bigger busier kids, moving further away from my creatively inclined buddies, more urgent responsibilities.

But I’ve ALWAYS had the yearning and very necessary process of being creative.  I’m ALWAYS creating (though perhaps not on the grand scale I once did staying up to 3 am and bounding out of bed early for coffee and more scrapping!)  Now days, I find that I create one (or a few items) and then move on to another process or outlet.  I, apparently, get distracted by pretty, shiny, chippy things.  I’m not sure that I’d be able to be a shoppekeeper of just one item (I think I’d get bored doing the same over and over again)  The products I envision selling (& do sell at some local brick and mortal shops) are more individual…

I create more for the process of creating than the end result to turn and sell away.  I love the IDEA of owning a shop, you can see some of my shoppekeeping inspiration on my shoppe board here on pinterest.  The process of staging and fluffing and making things oh so pretty for others to take home and enjoy.  For now, I’m very content in allowing some of my goodies to be a small part of a collection of beautiful things for sale.

This tidbit that I sewed onto the front of this journal pretty much sums up my feeling when creating…

{Northern Cottage} laugh is a smile that bursts

a laugh is a smile that bursts!!!  how lovely!

The process of creating feeds and nourishes me and allows me to be better and more productive in so many areas (wrangling dinner on the table for a busy family, keeping our home a comfy nest, important volunteer work which is such a priority!)  I create to be a better me…I never want the creative process to take away from the more important things but instead to add to it. 

{Northern Cottage} life is good journal

{Northern Cottage} journal banners

Selling of some of my wares allows me to keep creating (I get to to enjoy the process of creativity and then I get to pass on to a new home where it will be further loved).

So I got the chance to create these sassy one of a kind journals and now these will be available here (which is part of a darling collection of shoppes open locally just one weekend a month – being in these beautiful shoppes gets my creative juices flowing and just plain makes me happy)!!

I hope these goodies will make their way into the lives of other creative and busy women (to keep their to-do lists handy or maybe to be given as gifts for hardworking teachers)!  I hope the end result of my creative outlet is enjoyed as much as the process of creating them was!!

{Northern Cottage} hello tag in journal

Happy day y’all!!

Chat soon -

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  1. Your journals are so very pretty! I still love mine and love writing my dreams and goals in it.

  2. I've been cutting out graphics myself this morning. Getting ready for a decoupage project.

  3. Your journals are really lovely!! I'm a diehard paper crafter but I know what you mean about being attracted to pretty, shiny, chippy things and getting distracted. Crafting for then fun of it is a most important goal.

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