{a girls trip}

I got the chance to take a roadtrip with some of my favorite girls (4 sisters-in-law and mama-in-law)! We road-tripped through 5 states landing at the country living fair in ohio.

I LOVE to travel – serious ♥

I love getting to the destination and exploring but I also really enjoy the process of getting there….car time (which is relaxing to me in an odd way), hotel hot tub, eating at new places, the adventure of what we’ll see and where the gps might just take us.

To kick off the trip, I assembled little travel drawstring pouches for my travel-mates packaging up some little things to make the trip a little more comfortable: a little water bottle, hand-sani, chapstick, a granola bar, gum, tissues, lotion, notebook and a handmade bookmark.

{Northern Cottage} travel goodies

{Northern Cottage} bookmark

I sewed up these little bags and labeled them with each girls initials.  (Note to self - If I were to do it again – I’d sew with different fabric for each girlie to not get confused in the car)

{Northern Cottage} travel pouches

{Northern Cottage} travel pouch tag

Once we arrived in ohio – we headed straight to the fair….ahh so much to take in…so much inspiration and goodies for the eyes.  what a beautiful pile of pumpkins!

{Northern Cottage} pumpkin pile

I got to meet and chat a tiny bit with the cute Cari from HGTV Cash & Caricari

aren’t the cupcakes always calling??


gorgeous scrappy owl art – ahhhh!

scrapy owl

a very pretty vintage aqua truck – lovely!

vintage aqua truck

One of my fav booths was this one…so pretty!  (she said she’s revamping her blog so if it is nearly as cute as her booth…I’d be reading everyday!)

{Northern Cottage} pretty punks

{Northern Cottage} pretty retro display

Of course after the fair, we fit in more shopping and good food and lots of time to laugh and just hang out together!

ahhh it was…lovely!!

I ♥ my girls!!  thanks for making the trip so wonderful!

Chat soon -

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  1. What a fun trip. Wish I had been along for the ride. You are a good friend and the travel bags are darling.

  2. That looks fabulous. Would've been hard not to bring some of those goodies home.

    Anne xx


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