{Caramel Crispy Treats}

{Northern Cottage} gooey sticky caramel sticky bars - to.die.for!! 

These babies are bad…so good that they might just be considered BAD… until you eat one and then you’ll know they are GOOD! 

{Northern Cottage} gooey caramel treats - Yum!!

Perhaps one of the best treats I’ve ever made….I love them that much!! 

{Northern Cottage} 053

And they are easy – whoot whoot – what better combination is there?


  Caramel Crispy Treats

1/2 c butter
2 pkg mini marshmallows
8 c rice crisp cereal
1 pkg caramels (unwrapped) or caramel bits (♥ those things!)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/3 c butter

Grease 2 cookie sheets, set aside.  In large bowl, melt 1/2 c butter and 1 1/2 pkg of marshmallows.  Add rice cereal.  Divide this mixture in half and put half on each cookie sheet.  Pat down.  Sprinkle remaining 1/2 pkg marshmallows over one of the sheets. 

In a medium pan, combine caramels, condensed milk and 1/3 c butter over medium low heat until melty and smooth.  Pour over the cookie sheet with the marshmallows.  Flip the other pan over the top of this pan to form the top layer.

Easier to cut if you let it chill a little while. 

Tip – cut with a pizza cutter!!


You know I do have a bit of a sweet tooth… I’ve been doing good in making the treats and giving MOST of them away (most of the time!)  I gave away most of the batch DECADENT FUDGE BARS (after a little snack and some milk!) 

{Northern Cottage} fudge brownie bar recipe - TO.DIE.FOR!!

  Disclaimer - As a baker, you HAVE to try the stuff out to MAKE SURE it’s okay for someone else to eat, right?  I’m totally thinking of others to ensure they’ll like it….so self-sacrificing!  ha!


Chat soon ♥ -


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