{DIY Vintage Storage Bins}

DIY - FuN Storage IDEA! {Northern Cottage}  

I’ve got a fun project to share with y’all today!! 

With school in full swing around here, we have lots of opportunities to make use of our art supplies and that means lots of supplies to coral.  To keep them handy and organized (and cute to boot!), we made these little footed pans to hold crayons, colored pencils and other goodies!!

I started off by whitewashing the outside of these vintage bread loaf pans.

{Northern Cottage} bread pan diy storage idea

For fun, I added these darling arrow to the side of each pan (you can get the stencil here)

{Northern Cottage} Organize with Painted Loaf Pans

Then I took these darling little ‘feet’ that I picked up here too and painted them a pretty aqua color

{Northern Cottage} paint little feet for loaf pans

I glued these to the bottom of the loaf pans with a dab of e6000

{Northern Cottage} glue feet on loaf pans

You could also store hair pretties, office supplies, jewelry….so many possibilities.

{Northern Cottage} Pretty Little Stenciled Bread Pans for Craft Storage!!

sooooo stinkin cute!!


I’ve been BUSY BUSY BUSY gearing up for something FuN coming up!  Stay tuned .. I’ll share with you all the goodies I’ve been whipping up!!  I’m super excited to share with you very very soon!!

Chat soon ♥ -


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  1. I love the thought of using old baking tins. Fantastic! Very cute.

    Anne xx

  2. Cute bread pan storage bins. The little legs you added are a cute addition.

  3. Cute! I love crafty, purposeful, but beautiful storage solutions...especially for kids stuff!!!

  4. It it SO cool!! I think I would use it in my pantry if I had to store things in it that were in use and its an ideal way for storage solutions. Or if you wanted it out for people to see maybe for books and supplies in the office. Thanks for sharing this creative bin ideas.

  5. How super cute is this! I use old bread tins for storage space as they’re a funky addition to my studio and practical. Jam jars always come in useful of course, and you should keep hold of your old chipped saucers and plates too as they can be put to use for mixing paints and putting beads and things on when working on a project.

  6. So these are the cutest little bins ever! LOVE the colors you chose! Pretty, pretty, pretty! Thanks so much for linking up at Get Your DIY On's organization month! Have a great week!

    ~Abby =)


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